It's about time America's great minds worked on more products for us common slobs, like this new shirt that is impossible to stain.

There's a new shirt that's been developed that is100% stain repellant.  And they really mean 100%.   It uses a special nano-tech coating to repel EVERYTHING. The inventors even say that you can dump a pot of coffee on it, and it slides right off.

People who have tested it say in addition to being un-stainable, it's also extremely comfortable, and won't stick to you when you sweat.

The bad news is that they're only offering a women's version of the shirt right now and it only comes in white.

The good news is you can be one of the first people to get one by paying $50 on Kickstarter.

They’re planning to ship them in September.


If this shirt is comfortable to wear, and is everything that the video claims, this may be a game changer.


Check out more info and get signed up to get your shirt here