If you have kids, you'll be buying 'Frozen' on Bluray or DVD Tuesday right?  Yep!

I've already ordered it from Amazon.com because I have three daughters and owning that movie is in my parental handbook.  And shh...don't tell, but I LOVED it just as much as they did, and give it a big high-five for being so inspirational for young kids and us older kids too.

I blogged awhile back about the 4-year old that had to go potty right at a pivotal moment during 'Frozen', about 15 minutes from the end and we missed the best part.  That's her in the pic.  Guilty as charged!

She's never still so it's a little blurry, and I neglected to properly brush her hair before taking the pic and she's slightly disheveled.  So it's a perfect capture of a moment at the Austin house really.  

Anyway, Kallan is 4, and she has a 5-year old sister and a 2-year old sister.  'Frozen' will keep them all quiet for about two hours.  Awesome!

If you have little kids, what movies are must haves?

Here's our list:

Madagascar 3

Barbie Fashion Fairytale

Ice Age (all of them because of the goofy squirrel)


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2


Despicable Me 2


Lion King 1 and 1/2