I have to admit, most sequels are a bad idea.  Sequels for Star Wars, Awesome!  Not sure about Ghostbusters. Loved the original.  Ghostbusters II, sucked out loud, but they are in the process of making a sequel.  You won't believe what movie from the 80s is getting a sequel.


Erika Goldring/Getty Images

It's official!  Hollywood is making a sequel to Goonies.  I have to admit, I do want to see what has happened to everyone after all this time.  Granted, some of the original cast have passed away since the movie came out.......John Matuzak, who played sloth and Mama Fratelli are no longer with us.   But I'd love to see what's happened with Josh Brolin's and Cory Felman's characters.


With that being said, which of your favorite movies would you love to see a sequel too?

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