This is way freaky, and if I saw it, it would definitely freak me out.  Hundreds of people reported seeing this in the sky above a city in China.


People, (including me)  thought this was a hoax, but there's some actual science behind it.  A video appears to show a huge city floating in the clouds in China.  And it really does look like a bunch of skyscrapers, it's not just some weird-shaped cloud.

Apparently it only lasted a few minutes, but hundreds of people saw it.  Then people online started tossing out crazy theories, like it was a government conspiracy, and a portal to another dimension opened up.

But it's actually an optical illusion called a fata morgana mirage, where warm air in the atmosphere rests on cooler air, and acts like a lens that reflects something in the distance.  And it usually distorts what it's reflecting so much, you can't tell what it is.

Whatever! That is a freaking alien city, if I've ever seen one.  Don't confuse me with science, when I can see it with my own eyes.