For Other People's Problems, these parents can't agree on the right way to punish their teenager. Mom has come up with an idea that dad completely disagrees with. Who is right?

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Mike & Kate-
My wife and I have two kids, ages 10 and 13. Our teenage daughter has been an absolute nightmare this summer. At first we just thought it was because she out of school and a recent teenager. But things only got worse. She is rude to all of us. She is constantly in a bad mood and no fun to be around. She was ruining all our family outings. We couldn't go to the water park, or camping without getting into it with her. We take away her phone, her iPad, her privileges, and none of it works. My wife is a stay at home mother while I work during the week. Last week I mentioned to her how nice it was that our daughter was behaving better. My wife informed me that she was paying her $10 a day if she was nice all day long. At first I thought she was kidding but she wasn't. She is paying our teenager daughter cash to behave. I told her she should have discussed this with me first. I completely disagree with this. You should not have to pay your kid to behave. They should be punished for not behaving. I think this is sending a horrible message to her. My wife says she got the idea from one of my daughter's friends' parents. She says a lot of parents are doing this now because the old way of grounding does not work. We should not reward our children for doing what is expected of them. This is what's wrong with kids today. This is how that giant sense of entitlement gets started. I told my wife I would ask you guys for feedback. I'm curious if other parents are paying their kids an allowance to behave? Is this a new trend. What should my wife and I do with our teenage nightmare when grounding no longer works? Appreciate your help.

Dad in need of a teenage vacation

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