Almost every state in this country was the birthplace of an invention it should be really proud of.  Except maybe Mississippi. Their highlight is anti fungal foot cream
Here are some highlights and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with mine and Kate's  home states of Colorado and Idaho.  We pretty much knocked it out of the park.

Idaho is home to my favorite thing in the whole world, the television.  That's right it was invented in Idaho.  We can all thank Philo Farnsworth and his all-electronic “image pickup device”  that made TV possible.
I didn’t know this, but cheeseburgers were invented in Kate's home state of Colorado. (Denver’s Humpty Dumpty Drive in)   Also, thank god for Louisiana where one of my other favorite things was invented, Poker.  It's interesting to note that from the city that smells like a bathroom, New York, came toilet paper.
Thank God for Florida or we wouldn't have air conditioning.
Here’s a weird one, oddly enough, the chairlifts we use for skiing come from Nebraska, which is one of the flattest states in the country and not exactly the skiing mecca of the world.

Thanks to you can now see an entire list of the best invention from all 50 states. In most cases it's the most, useful, or popular thing that came from each state.

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