Are you truly happy? Do you dream of winning the lottery or for money to fall out of the sky? There's a very specific number we need to earn in order to hit that perfect happiness. Is your income in the sweet spot? 

There is a correlation between annual income and contentment. This is a "duh" moment, isn't it? Before we tell you what the number is, what do you think we should earn in order to meet that contentment?

In Hawaii, because it's so stinking expensive to do everything, the ideal happiness income is $122,175. In the states surrounding us:

  • Washington: $76,950
  • Oregon: $91,275
  • Montana: $73,950
  • Nevada: $75,150
  • Utah: $69,750
  • Wyoming: $69,900

Finally, according to this survey (which has been updated for 2014), here in Idaho, we need to bring in $70,650 per year. 

Your turn.

Do you feel this is pretty accurate or is it crap? We'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments at the bottom of this page.