If you are the parent's of a tween or High Schooler you no doubt have been answered in a hashtag. What in the world is a hashtag you ask? Well for us "Old Folks" its the pound symbol on our flip phones. #! This generation is using these symbols as a way of speaking and expressing feelings. Don't believe me? 


Social Media has created a completely new language. On Facebook it has always been about just posting a status update. What you are doing how you feeling, and even snapping a picture. Boom done. With Twitter, being restricted to only expressing your feelings and thoughts in under 140 characters has almost made it custom to abbreviate words that normally we never would. Basic breakdown; its one sentence scrunched all together with the # at the front. Example: #hereiswhatistrendinginboisethishour = Here is what is trending in Boise this hour. Simple right? Trendsmap.com has all the latest and most current #hashtags that are happening every hour in a particular place. You can type anything in the search bar and see what is the big topic of the city. For instance in Boise the most popular and breaking Twitter trends are:

  1. #chili
  2. #jamaals
  3. #butttery
  4. #spicy

Now keep in mind with this site you would have to pay a fee to search around a lil bit more, but you can also go on to Top-Hashtags.com and throw up a #boise and see whats going on. This gives you a comprehensive list on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. This is a perfect example of the proper use of #hashtags for #Boise on Instagram. Short or long sentences expressing a point or feeling.

If you are YouTuber and use this easy way of filing away a group of people talking about the same subject, TopYouTubers.net lets you type in keyword and see the latest trending topics in the City of Trees.

Either way have fun with your #hashtags, get creative and follow some of the most popular to see what is happening right at your finger tips. If anything Boise is a growing city and full of people who are wanting to connect and experience life with you. So are you ready to go, what will be your #BoiseHashtag ?