For Other People's Problems, a couple can't agree on what cuss words their kids can say and what words are off limits. Where do you draw the language boundary?

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Mike & Kate-
My husband and I have two kids, 11 and 8. We can't agree on what words are considered swear words. I will say, we both agree on the big ones. Nothing that rhymes with truck or anything like that. But my husband thinks it's okay for our kids to say, "hell, damn, ass and sucks." I think these are completely inappropriate for kids to be using. I tell them these words are not allowed but then my husband says they are okay. It's very confusing to our kids. I'm wondering how other parents have decided what cuss words their kids can use and what is off limits? How did you come to a compromise with your spouse? Is there a certain age when specific words become okay? What is considered a swear word and what is not?

Appreciate the help,

*WARNING: In order to make sure Mike and I have a job tomorrow PLEASE don't use specific cuss words that could get us fired! We want to hear your opinion but we need you to be creative in making your point today. PLEASE!*

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