All eggs have an expiration date, even yours. We've teamed up with Rocky Mountain GYN and Hormone Center to help you find out if your eggs have the muscle power to get you the family you've already dreamed of.


If you are struggling to start a family or maybe you put your child bearing on hold for your career and now your family planning feels like it's on hold, we want to help you count your eggs before they hatch!

Stop cracking your head against the wall trying to guess why you're not getting pregnant. Find out how soon your eggs are going to expire. Are your eggs the issue? Is your husband the reason you haven't started a family yet? Do you need to freeze your eggs now so you can start a family later? Dr. Simon and Rocky Mountain GYN and Hormone Center will give you an egg analysis valued at $2000 that includes:

  • a day 3 FSH
  • hormone panel
  • Physichal exam
  • Male analysis
  • Endormetriosis biopsy
  • Dr. Simon will identify the underlying issues and or determine if you're fertile.

Dr. Tamara M. Simon MD is a gynecologist who provides comprehensive care for the reproductive system in women. She is published in fertility and sterility in human reproduction.

TO WIN: Email and share why you wants us to count your eggs before they hatch (106 words or less). Each day, 3 entries will be chosen and assigned an egg. On Friday, Mike and Kate will "hatch" a dozen eggs. 11 are hard boiled and 1 is raw. If your numbered egg is the raw egg, you win the Egg Analysis from Rocky Mountain GYN and Hormone Center valued at $2000!