Lots of change happening on Skid Row! My sweet, little neighbor, who at one time owned the whole block, sold her house and the lot next to her to two separate buyers.

The lot had a really old house on it that the new owner blew up and is now in the process of building a 3,000 sq ft house on. That is twice the size of any house on Skid Row. Now the house directly next to me that my sweet little 'ol neighbor used to live in was bought by a guy who I have yet to see but I can see all the changes he is making!! The house used to have a split rail fence in the front. First thing he did was take that down and put up a 6 ft tall fence around the entire place including a 6 ft tall gate on the driveway.

You can barely see the house! I thought that was odd. Our backyard is separated by a chain link fence that now is all boarded up on his side. It's really pretty to look at from my back deck. :)  Before he boarded up the yard, I noticed that he boarded up all the windows too. Keep in mind that this was a really nice house! The nicest one on Skid Row. And the cherry on top is the two extremely mean dogs that he has. I am not sure the breed because I can't see them through the boards but they sound huge and really mean! I am terrified the mow the lawn against the fence. Just their bark is enough to frighten me!

So my question is, should I be surprised by this? I have lived on Skid Row for 11 years now and I have seen a lot. Remember the guy who mowed his lawn while wearing a scary Halloween mask?! But I don't want it to be five years from now and something horrible happens and it turns out my new neighbor did it and then I am on the nightly news and saying "I am so shocked. He was such a quiet neighbor who kept to himself...literally!" On the flip side, the guy bought the place, he has ever right to do what he wants to the property (no home owners association on Skid Row). When I saw his moving truck the first time I told Mike I was going to "start off my relationship with my new neighbor on the right foot! I am going to make him brownies and take them over." Now I can get past the padlock on the front gate!! Maybe I have watched Disturbia one too many times? Maybe those Lifetime movies have finally taken their toll on my psychie. I need to look at the positive. He would actually have to come out of his boarded up fortress to use my recycle bin so I think I am safe!!

Have a great weekend!