So the beloved betta fish, Maddox, passed away suddenly at the Austin house, and Mama decided to run out and get a new fish before the girls got home from school.  BUT, I didn't do it to try to pull the wool over their eyes and make them think this new blue betta is actually Maddox.  I told them the truth, that Maddox died, and I said fish just don't live that long and all we can do is love them for the short time that we have them.  And welcome the new fish!

I had about 30 minutes of free time the day Maddox died, and I knew if I didn't stop at the pet store right that minute and pick up a new one, it might be several days before the opportunity arose again for errands like that.  Who wants to stare at an empty fish tank for that long?

So I got the new fish while they were still in school and told them the news after school. You know what their reaction was when I told them Maddox died?   They thought about it for about two seconds and said, "Aww!  Poor Maddox.  Why didn't you let us pick out the new fish?"

Oh boy.  Put that in the "my bad" column of parenthood.  I thought of my schedule before I considered their 6, 5, and 3-year old feelings.  When this new fish dies, I will certainly let them pick out a new one!

They named the new fish Max.  Perhaps he's the long lost younger brother of Maddox, we're not sure, but they wanted a similar name and Mama doesn't argue the little things. We decided maybe Maddox didn't get enough love from us, and that's why he died.   Apparently the girls have taken that to heart!  I walked around the corner the other day and saw the 5-year old doing this with Max, and I had to capture it on video.  Is this not the sweetest thing ever?  I love my girls!!!  And the new fish.