A Texas fraternity raised money for special leg braces so this student could walk at graduation. Watch this video! Warning...it's a tear jerker!

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Walking at graduation was a huge deal to me. I know that a lot of students don't walk, but after busting my butt for 4 years and putting myself through college, I was going to walk across that stage and get my degree! And looking back on that day (May 15, 1999) I fully admit I completely took for granted the fact that my legs were able to carry me across that stage.

To Emily Hernandez, a student at the University of North Texas at Denton, walking at graduation had a completely different meaning. In 2009, Emily was driving to class at the University of North Texas when her truck hit a guard rail-and flew off a bridge. Her friend in the car died. Emily broke her neck, back, shoulder, wrist, ribs, had collapsed lungs and her brain hemorrhaged. She barely survived. It took her 5 years to recover and she got her degree at the same time! Amazing woman! She wanted to do something special at graduation and that's when the members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity stepped in.