A woman's husband made a decision about their daughter without consulting her and now she is in a huge bind for the summer.


Mike & Kate-
I need advice quickly. My husband and I have been married for 3 years. We have a 6 year old daughter. Last Christmas my sister in law and I got into a massive fight. She is extremely passive/aggressive and very spiteful. The fight started when she posted on Facebook how awful my Christmas gift was. Of course she didn't specifically identify me but based on her post everyone in our family knew she was talking about me. Of course I was hurt and called her on it. That open the flood gates to a horrible fight with very hurtful things being said. Apparently she thinks I'm a stuck up b*tch and has never thought I was good enough for her brother or their family. We haven't talked since.
Fast forward to now. I went back to work last year when our daughter went to school. So this will be her first summer where she needs full time care. I arranged for her to go to a daycare/summer camp. It's only 10 weeks. But she will be taken care of while I'm at work. It's a little spendy but we can afford it. We will just be getting by but my husband and I agreed it was worth it.
She was supposed to start Monday (yesterday). On Friday I got home from work and my husband told me he had "great news!" Apparently his sister offered to watch our daughter during the week since she is a stay at home mom. She has 10 year old twin boys and a 12 year old son. I find out that my husband not only told her she could watch our daughter, but he took it upon himself to call the daycare/summer camp and cancel our daughter's spot. They of course immediately filled it with someone on the waiting list. I was beyond livid! He didn't even discuss this with me. He claims that family trumps any daycare and is confused why I wouldn't be excited for all the money we're saving this summer.
I don't want my daughter staying with his sister. She and I can't even speak to each other. I feel so betrayed by my husband. How could he put me in this situation? And what is my daughter going to do with 3 older boys all day? My sister in law is not activity person. They never go anywhere so they will be at her house all day. Doing what? She was all set up to be in a group at the camp with kids her own age. And if my sister in law hates me, how will she treat my daughter? My husband says I'm being ridiculous and that he will deal with all communication with his sister. I'm now stuck in this situation. Is my husband right, am I being ridiculous? Does anyone have any advice on what I can do for my daughter? Something to make her day a little better?

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