It's time to vote for the Treasure Valley Mom of the Year!

Vote for the mom you think is deserving of this title and she could be crowned the Mix 106 Treasure Valley Mom of the Year. The Mix 106 Treasure Valley Mom of the Year not only wins this prestigious title, but she is going to be spoiled rotten!

Candidates are split alphabetically by first name below. Click on the category title to vote. Voting will open on Monday, April 28th at 6am. Voting for this round will be open until Friday, May 2nd at 3pm. You can vote once per day. Candidates will be narrowed to the top twenty.


Adina Kelley

Amanda Gigray

Amber Cockrum

Angela Thomas

April Gafford

Beth Butcher

Bina Page

Camellia Fry

Carol Kurkowski

Catherine Morton

Chantelle Kates

Christine Henderson

Cindy Claassen

Cindy Cogswell

Danielle Vanderwiel

Darbi Townsend


Elisa Darrington

Ellen Harding

Heather Schulz

Holly Gandara

Holly Robison

Jamie Rose

Jenna Enright

Jennifer Buatte

Jennifer Taylor

Jessica Butterfield

Jessie Kerbs

Jill Miley

Jody Sitts

Jolayne Atnip

Judi Collings

Judy Smith

Julie O'Meraa


Kailey Lock-Smith

Katie Davis

Kim Flynn

Kimi Seals

Krissy Chan

Kristen Micali

LaRae Riley

Linda Cawley

Lisa Aliperti

Lynn Peterson

Marcia Benton

Marlene Parker

MaryLou Cunningham

Melissa Delamere

Michelle Santos


Pam Burns

Peggy Black

Penny Banner

Rose Mendez

Salena Langston

Sara Rodriguez

Sarah Cluff

Shannan Carpenter

Shaunna Courtright

Sheila Barton

Stacey Donatelli

Stephanie Pinque

Sunshine Fagiano

Susan Zurilgen

Toni Hager

Tracy Poff