Now that we're all being PHOTOGRAPHED all the time . . . and tagged on Facebook whether we like it or not . . . I'm guessing you'd prefer to look more like a MODEL in those photos, right? 

Well, a professional photographer named Peter Hurley says he has a couple tricks that can make you INSTANTLY look more photogenic every time . . .

 1.  The first is . . . SQUINT.  Just a little bit, with a small, closed-lip smile.  Basically, you want to make the face you'd make if you knew a SECRET and it was making you a little COCKY. 

 Hurley actually calls it "squinching," because it's sort of different than squinting . . . you're lifting and tightening your lower eyelid, and only letting the top eyelid come down a little.  Seriously, that's what he says.  But you know you'll try it.

  2.  His other tip is to stick your entire head forward a little bit . . . try sticking your forehead toward the camera and keeping your chin out.  That prevents any double chin and gives you a good jawline.