Boise is not San Francisco, it's not Portland. Soon though they all my have one thing in common with the City Of Trees. 

Boise's Mayor Dave Beiter wants this for the city. With a price tag of $111, the addition of a "Downtown Circular" could change the landscape of the city center. Channel 6 in Boise covered this story recently with this great report.

While this will not be the first go-around for Mayor Beiter who fought for a similar transit system in 2008, traction this time has started to peek some interest of local residents. The plus for the city will be an upswing of financial gain in for the Downtown Association as well as Businesses. An estimated $600 million back into the cities economic pockets could make this a reality.

Credit: City of Boise

Public and private meetings will continue for the remainder of the month. If this does become a viable alternative around the city would you take it? - JD