I hope it snows starting today and doesn't stop until the 3rd week in March! I want a white winter!! According to this map, my wish of today being the first day it snows will not come true. Find out what day the white stuff will start falling.


According the map, it looks like Boise is going to have it's first day of snow between December 1-5. That is not soon enough! I want to be skiing on Thanksgiving! The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration mapped out the first dates of snowfall for all 50 states. They do admit, this map represents a 50/50 chance of at least  one-tenth of an inch of snow having accumulated.

The dark purple dot is what I was looking at on the scale to figure out it would be the first week in December when snow starts falling in our area. As I already know, I need to live in the northeast. It's already snowing there!

We may be able to get snow earlier than the beginning of December. The Pray for Snow event is November 21st and we have lots of tickets to giveaway so keep listening to win!