I feel like a walking, talking poster child for sunscreen. I had surgery yesterday on another spot where skin cancer was found. These photos should encourage you to wear sunscreen. I can't advise you enough to go see a dermatologist at least once a year. My first trip was because my knee surgeon noticed a spot on my face as he was examining my knee. I didn't think anything of it. Turns out it was skin cancer. Since then I've had 4 different spots that all tested positive and sadly I don't think I'm done.

Yesterday I had a spot on my chest surgically removed. As you can see it's not that obvious (my skin is naturally blotchy like that thanks to my Irish ancestors). That's why you need to have a doctor look at it. They know what to look for.


Now I look like I have a cigarette burn! Please, wear your sunscreen. Cover up. Reapply. Check the expiration dates on your sunscreen. And see a dermatologist at least once a year.