Dogs probably don't like holidays as much as we do.  We love the Fourth of July and all the fireworks, and dogs must think it's the weirdest bunch of racket ever.  And then Halloween and Christmas roll around and they're putting pumpkins and antlers on their heads when they'd rather be taking a nap.

Poor boy.  This is my rescue miniature schnauzer named Harry, who was a good sport when the 3-year old talked him into putting a Christmas tree on his head this weekend.

I love ya Harry, and I apologize in advance for the toys coming on Christmas Day that will surely annoy you.  We're going to have a pretend a FurReal friend dog on a leash and a cat that purrs, and six Little Live Pets birds that chirp and sing and repeat things that your three human sisters say.  It's going to be one noisy fake zoo around the house. You can hide under my bed if you want, like you do on the 4th of July.

Maybe Santa will bring another Christmas tree hat and we can make them into earplugs for ya.  Hang in there boy!