The girls and I did our annual trek down the South Fork of the Payette River yesterday. An hour before we put in, there was a blow out up river and the water turned to mud. It was crazy fun! Check out our mud rafting photos.

Every August the girls and I take a half day and go whitewater rafting with Bear Valley Rafting Company. It is so much fun! We always do the Staircase run for the best rapids on a half day trip.  When we got to Banks, the river was brown! Not just a little either. It looked like chocolate milk. Apparently the river had blown out up near Lowman about an hour before we got there. The erosion after the fires over the last few years ended up in the river and we got to raft in mud soup! It looked like a scene out of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. This was one of the most fun days I have ever had on the river! Going through rapids and ending up caked in mud was a blast!

The above photo is what the river normally looks like. Now click on the link below to see what mud rafting looks like. (If you are going rafting this weekend, don't panic. The river clears out after about 12 hours so it will be fine by 11 this morning.)