I had to address this. I keep seeing all these articles on how to "survive the holidays if you're single." I had to let you know, not all of us singles are crying into our stuffing.

My Thanksgiving Dinner

I'm an optimist. I can't help but look at the bright side to all situations. Yes, even the situation of being single at the holidays. Heaven forbid!! It's portrayed that it must be like have a needle to the eye to be single at Thanksgiving. That us singles must be pitied and tip toed around because we might go postal if someone asks us when we're "going to be meet someone." We won't. But stop asking that question anyway. We will let you know when we decide to take ourselves out of the singles scene. So in keeping with my optimistic outlook on life, these are the reasons I'm thankful to be single this Thanksgiving:

1. No Extra Drama. The only drama I have to deal with is my own family drama. And that’s enough, thank you very much. I don’t have to be worrying about coordinating hectic holiday plans with someone else.

2. Flexibility. I can decide to change my plans last minute and head to the hot springs for a non traditional Thanksgiving.

3. Stretchy Pants. If I choose to go to a Thanksgiving dinner, I can gorge myself all day and not have to worry about anyone seeing me naked later than night.

4. No Fighting.  I don't have to suffer through an afternoon with someone I can't stand. I will not be spending anytime with my sister's uncles' cousins' half niece's hair dresser who drives me nuts. That was easy.

5. Zero Cleanup. And no Leftovers. That is a plus. This way I won't be tempted to gorge myself all weekend. Just on Thursday. One day won't kill my waistline.

6. Cheesy Christmas Movies. I can watch “The Holiday” and “Love Actually,” my two favorite holiday movies. And I will have The Hallmark Channel on all weekend long while I put up my decorations.

7. No Mr. Wrongs. Nothing feels lonelier than spending a special day with someone who doesn’t truly think you’re special. I am sincerely thankful for all the wrong-for-me-guys I’m not going to be spending the holiday with.

8. My Sleeping Schedule. I have to get up at 3am Friday morning. That is not an easy feat on it's own but you add a hot body next to me and it's nearly impossible to get up. (Still working out the thankfulness of this one :))

9. All Mine. I'm making an Apple Pie even though I'm not having Thanksgiving dinner. No one I know likes Apple Pie. But I can make my favorite pie and eat the entire thing and not have to listen to someone complaining about how they hate Apple Pie. All mine! And referring back to #3-No one will see me naked afterwards!

I hope you can look at the bright side of your situation and find a few things to laugh about and be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day!