Growing up, I know my parents used me and my 7 brothers and sisters as slave labor.  Up at the crack of dawn working on the farm till dark or even later.  No pay, just a little food, water and an uncomfortable bed.  We were sooooo mistreated.  But that wouldn't have gotten them arrested.  But here is a list of things (some of which my parents did do) that would get them arrested today.


Christopher Furlong

1.  Leaving you home alone.  A lot of states have laws now that say you can't leave a child unsupervised if they're under 12.  In some states it's younger than that, and in Illinois it's 14.  (Check your state here.)

2.  Smoking while you were in the car.  A bunch of states are still in the process of making it illegal to smoke cigarettes with kids in the car.  But six states have already done it:  Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, and Utah.

3.  Letting you ride in the car without a seat belt.  All 50 states now have laws that require car seats or seat belts for kids.   In most cases you won't get arrested for it, you'll get a fine.  But if you crash and they get HURT because they weren't buckled in, you could see jail time.

4.  Taking photos of you in the tub.  It's legal to take photos of your kids in the buff . . . but in 2008, a couple in Arizona took a roll of film to Walmart, and the person who developed it thought some of the bath photos were CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

All the charges were eventually dropped.  But both parents had to register as sex offenders until it was dealt with . . . the mom got suspended from her job at a school . . . and their kids ended up in FOSTER CARE for a month.

Do you have anything to ad?  What did your parents do that you would get arrested for or at the very least in big trouble if you did it today?  Share below or on our Facebook page at mix106radio.