As fully functioning adults there are certain things we should never do on Facebook. This list is a great starting point but I'm sure there are more things to add.

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I have a theory that once you see what your friends and family post on Facebook, you see them in a completely different way. I had no idea my BFF was the type of person who posts what she had for dinner on Facebook. And when you see these things, it changes how we see them. I'm not saying it's friendship ending. It just opens up a whole new window to see them through.  As puts it, fully functioning adults, there are certain things we should never be doing on Facebook.

  • Posting Chain Status-"Send this to 15 people and you'll have good luck for 395 days." No one ever won the lottery or found love by sending a chain email or Facebook post. Just stop it.
  • Posting pictures or bragging about drinking excessively-Don't get me wrong, I have had some crazy nights but my friends know to not post anything on FB. No one needs to see you in that state when you're an adult. It's just tacky and makes you look trashy.
  • Sending multiple invites to your lash party/fundraiser/band gig. I got it the first time. Constant notifications for the same event are just annoying and really make me not want to go.
  • Sending out millions of invites to Farmville. Great you play. If I wanted to join you, I'm smart enough to figure out where to go play. No invite needed.
  • Posting cryptic messages or lyrics-The one drives me insane! It's so passive/aggressive. You're just begging for attention. "You know what you did." No I don't. Oh, and I don't care. People who post this are dying for some Facebook stranger to validate their emotions and they want to drag all their personal dilemmas into a Facebook post for all to see. Instead of posting this, try some self esteem affirmations.