There are some things you just don't want to get from your husband.  Like a skillet.  Or windshield wipers.  What other things should guys avoid getting gals?

It's not that we don't need them.  We may very well have worn out the current windshield wipers so badly that they vibrate and don't help us see one bit, but we don't want to open those Christmas morning when we think we might tearing into something exciting.  We want fun, sweet, romantic things for Christmas.  Jewelry, yes.  Car accessories not so much.

Other things that made the no-no list for guys to give gals include body spray, perfume, clothes, chocolate, and socks.

Some of that seems pretty great to me, like perfume, but I bet it's on the bad list because we're afraid guys will get the wrong kind and we'd rather pick it out ourselves.  They want us to smell like the woods so they pick out a sensual amber body spray, when we'd rather smell like moonlight.  We don't want a year's supply if we don't love it.  And we're picky about clothes and don't want to end up with a sweater that's a size too small in a color we're so-so about.  High maintenance or practical?  Practical I say.

The experts say the key is to get gifts that are personal, and that's a win for everybody.  A Kindle Fire loaded with our favorite books, a bracelet with charms that hit our interests, or a print of the picture that we saw at the art museum on the third date. Those are great bets.

And we'll get you good gifts too guys.  No socks!