It was a balmy 2 below zero when I came into work this morning! You could resolve to lock yourself inside when the weather gets like this or you could......Blow Bubbles!! To actually be able to blow bubbles and have them freeze I am wondering if we need to get as cold as 45 below zero? I hope not! This Canadian couple took full advantage of their 45 below!

I get cabin fever very easily in the winter. I need to be outside in the sunshine for at least 30 minutes a day. It's a must or I am one crabby bear! I honestly can take the cold temperatures as long as the sun comes out for an hour or two each day. I need sunshine to brighten up my soul. Maybe stepping outside on the back porch and blowing bubbles is enough to brighten up a cold winter day for you. If not, here a few of my other favorite things to do in the cold

1. Skiing and Brundage Mountain in McCall

Bogus Basin north of Boise

or Tamarack Resort in Donnelly


2. Snowshoeing north of Idaho City. The Idaho Parks and Recreation does a great job of creating trails, keeping them groomed and helping you get there! The Park N Ski trails are perfect if you just have one day. Another great option is to reserve a yurt and snowshoe in for the night or the weekend with friends. If you have a friend with a snowmobile, they can haul your gear! Note: Make sure the dog has booties on, that snow can wear their pads down quickly.

3. Can you say Hot Springs? It must be the closest  thing to heaven on earth! Sitting in a natural hot spring on the edge of the Payette River with friends and a cold beer in hand while it snows. Yes, that must be heaven and that is the Pine Flats Hot Springs that I just described. One of my favorites! Gold Fork Hot Springs in Donnelly is my favorite commercial hot springs. Beautiful setting with tiki torches, yurts and hot springs that cascade down a hill from one pool to the next while over looking the Gold Fork Creek. Surrounded by snow and it's picture perfect! One that opened up last winter is the Springs Resort in Idaho City. Or should I say "reopened?" I have heard rave reviews about it and can't wait to stop there after a day of snowshoeing on the Whoop-Em-Up Trail! Idaho is full of hot springs! For a complete list just click HERE.

"Oh the weather outside is frightful"....and I can't wait to get out and enjoy it!