The day after Christmas is the most popular day to return items. Here's a list of the most popular items to take back to the store. $70 billion dollars worth of purchases will be returned this year! Apparently the thought that counts only lasts as long as it takes to get to the store. RawStory shared a list of the most common returns on the day after Christmas. Here are the top 4.

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    Workout Clothes

    It's the easy gift for the cardio-junkie in your life. But those who sweat for fun want to pick out their own work out clothes. They know what fits and what moves best with their body. Go with a gift card instead.

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    Home Decor

    Of course, you think that nick-knack would look great in your best friends house. The problem is she thinks it hideous. When it comes to decorating someone's home, let that someone be the home owner.

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    You would think diamonds are a girls best friend and most of the time they are. But if you're giving a necklace or earings, keep in mind the person's style. You may love a big necklace that had tons of stones and is as a big as a billboard, but the gift recipient might have the style of small pendants. It's a risk you take and there's a good chance they will take it back to the store.

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    The easiest go-to gift and the most commonly returned item. Again, it comes down to style. My grandmother once got my a size 6x New Kids On The Block Nightgown....I was 20. Return!

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