I love me a good Bloody Mary! I especially love the evolution of the garnish on a Bloody Mary. It started with a lemon and lime. Now we have pickled asparagus, bacon, blue cheese stuffed olives and even crab legs. But that is nothing compared to this concoction!

Score On Davie

This thing has a roasted chicken and a frosted brownie on it!  A Vancouver sports bar called Score on Davie, came up with this creation. It costs around $53. Here's my question, is this your meal or is this the drink you order when you sit down and then you order a meal like you normally would? Is there room for the drink in your belly after you finish the hot dog and the mac and cheese? Would you pull the garnish off and eat it after you drink your Bloody Mary or would you start with the garnish and then finish your drink? Or do you have a bite of hot wing and a sip of Bloody Mary?

As you can tell, I have over analyzed this and wouldn't even know where to begin. Well that's a lie. Of course I would begin with the frosted brownie. Dessert first! I feel so silly for thinking a slice of bacon in a Bloody Mary was on the wild side!