If you have ever dated, then you have at one time or another made an excuse to get out of a date. Some people are so crafty in their excuses to deny!

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The other day the girls and I were talking about how to politely turn down someone when they "ambush you." We call the ambush the move where a man will ask you out in front of all his co-workers or buddies. You are put on the spot. It's usually in a completely inappropriate place like a professional work setting, your grandmother's funeral, you just wont the gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics.

You get the point, it's the not the time to be asked out. You don't even know if you are interested in this person. Most of us don't want to hurt another person's feelings so we make up an excuse. It would seem rude to say, "I am not interested in you. I don't want to go out with you." So we get crafty and we come up with an excuse. I saw this article on TheStir about 18 of the craziest excuses people have used to get out of a date. Wow! Can you top these? What is the wackiest excuse you got or have given to get out of a date?

  1. A few years ago I was stood up. He called the next morning to apologize for missing our date because he had gone on a cocaine binge. Then he said, "So you understand, right? That's a good excuse." Hmmmm ... not really. I didn't doubt for a second that it was true!
  2. My ex-boyfriend canceled a date with me to go to Animal Kingdom in Orlando. Ultimate low!!! To add insult to injury, he went with his business partner, a single mom from college, and I received no invite ... just a cancellation.
  3. He said he couldn't afford to buy a beer. We were supposed to meet at a dive bar and he called before to cancel saying, "I'm broke."
  4. I was on a blind date in college, and we were at a coffeehouse. Dude said he wanted to leave/end the date early because there was a gay guy checking him out and gays made him nervous. So I left instead.
  5. He said he had some crazy toe fungus that got so bad he could barely walk.