Gunner is going to be on the show tomorrow! June 20th is the annual Pet Sitter's International Take Your Dog To Work Day. It's more than just bringing your best friend to the office, it's a day to help dogs all over the world. Find out how here.

Kate McGwire Photos: Gunner in the Mix 106 studio

It's the 16th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day tomorrow. It was created by Pet Sitters International to celebrate that dogs are great companions and to promote their adoptions.

Obviously you'll need to talk with your bosses first and find out if it's okay to bring your dog to work but if you can, do it! It's a fun field trip for your dog and in my case, being around Gunner calms me down. I just feel better when he is around.

If you need some help in persuading your company to let you bring your dog to work get all the details here