There's a new personality type. Now on top of extrovert and introvert, there is a third personality trait that might describe you better than the other two.


Personality tests have been used to figure out if we are introverted or extroverted. Introverts spend a lot of time inside their heads and relish time alone, and extroverts are super-social, outgoing peeps who dig making things happen. New research shows that there's a third personality type. Ambivert, which is a combo of both. This explains so much for me! I have a very extroverted personality at work but in my off time I'm an introvert. Yet when I took the test it said I was highly extroverted. The problem for me is I have different answers based on if I'm at work or away from work. Take this fast 1-minute quiz at PsyBlog to determine your personality. Answer the 10 questions honestly -- not according to the way you wish you acted.