Yule Log

Mike Shares His Favorite Christmas Yule Log Videos
Christmas isn't really Christmas to me unless I have a crackling fireplace, and since I don't have one in my home, every year, I have a fake Yule Log Fireplace that I watch while opening gifts. I've done the work for you by finding my favorites for you to choose from this year. Enjoy
Yule Log Christmas Videos Yule Love {Video}
I attended a holiday party this past weekend that was showing a Yule log scene featuring actor Nick Offerman sitting in a big comfortable chair, drinking scotch.  That's it, no music, nothing but a roaring fire and a guy drinking scotch.  I …
No Fireplace….No Worry!
If you have a house like mine on Skid Row, one of the only things missing (besides neighbors who obey the law) is a crackling fire to sit in front of on a cold winter night. That is until now!