The Latest Treasure Valley Tinder Shocker!
Online dating is such an adventure! And sometimes not in a good way. Just when I thought I had seen it all and nothing could shock me, something happened last week that made me want to throw in the dating towel.
Unfortunately, this may have already happened to you too.
Women Put Themselves Down Eight Times a Day
Ladies!  We need to stop the madness. The negative self-talk starts as soon as we wake up in the morning, and we tell ourselves we're not good enough off and on throughout the day.  Anyone else tired of that routine?  How can we stop it?
Could a Woman do Santa’s Job?
There is no one else like Santa. He delivers toys to all the children in the world in one night! Check out the responses of kids when asked if a woman could do Santa's job.
Women Find Humble Guys To Be the Sexiest
Macho can only get a guy so far it seems.
Men's Health Magazine says the way to a woman's heart is through humility, and that's more attractive than a cocky attitude. Here's how to make it happen guys, so you can get that hot date and keep her around.
Women Sure Do Love Pizza
It's not just frat guys that love their pizza.  In fact, when the term "pizza lover" is broken down we find out it's skinny girls above the age of 35 that love it the most. We'll starve ourselves all day to pig out on it, right?
But all pizzas are not created equ…
How Much Do You Weigh?
Men and women overall are about 20 pounds heavier now than they were in the 1960's.
So how much does the average guy or gal in the US weigh? How much do you weigh?
It’s Summer, and Some Of Us are Freezing
It always happens this time of year.  The weather outside gets hotter, and the temperature inside stores and office buildings gets freezing cold.  But did you hear one big box store is going to raise the thermostat one degree?  Woohoo!  Said women.

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