Cooler Weather Dampens the Idaho Wildfire Threat
It feels like fall is finally here, and there's more to be excited about than just cozy hoodies and autumny-tasting lattes. We've got a lesser chance that wildfires are going to creep up on us now too, and a big part of our region is in the same boat. Camping trip on!
Boise Fire Department Encourages Fire Safety After A Wildfire
Fire crews have put out a large wildfire that threatened homes near The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. The fire poses no further risk to the public and that all evacuation notices have been canceled.
In total, the Sunland Fire burned 600 acres of dry grass and sage since it began Sunday after…
Another Weather Alert Set for the Valley
For the third day in a row the Treasure Valley is under a "Red Air Quality Advisory". Don't know what that means..basically...if you don't have to go outside then don't.
Smoke has been rolling in from the Walker Fire near Grimes Creek since yesterday and has…