This is What You’re Voting On Today
It's election day today in the Treasure Valley. This is all about the schools. They are hoping to get your approval on being able to spend, expand and reorganize. You make the call today - your vote counts.
It Was Amazing To See So Many People Out Voting Today
Who ever you voted for did it. No matter what matter how much you loved or didn't love the candidates today marks another anniversary of our right to vote. You helped decide what direction this country takes starting tomorrow. We decided it was time to venture out and come…
What Drives You To The Polls on Election Day?
Doesn't it feel good to vote?  I think it does.
There are things that motivate us to get to the polls, besides the obvious opportunity to weigh in on the next four years.
The kids are talking about the election at school, and if Mama doesn't vote, they will be on my case!  What els…
Is Your Polling Place For Tuesday’s Vote Changing? Here Is Why.
It seems like it has been pumped up and talked about for the last 4 years. The next President Of The United States will be chosen this Tuesday. For most of Treasure Valley voters we already know what to expect from our polling places. That may be different this year though.

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