This Halloween Light Show Makes Me Laugh and Dance!
I bet Nicki Minaj never thought her rap would be set to lights on the side of a house.  If this was on my house I would love it, and if it was on my neighbor's house I would totally want to move!
The guy that came up with this says on Youtube that it's a hobby for him, and there are ov…
More Proof Why Moms Are Better Multi-Taskers Than Dads
This guy calls his video, "Twins - Why breakfast takes longer time to prepare," and with those kids crawling to the fridge and incessantly trying to get in, it certainly does look like it can take awhile.
But dude, come on!  A master, multi-tasking mom would have the food ripped out of that…
This Butterfly Cuteness Will Make You Smile
These boys started with a caterpillar and now they've got a butterfly, and the time has come to set it free.  What a memorable way to let it go.
My kids would have reached out and grabbed the poor butterfly, but these brothers have restraint...
Kids Are Silly
Kids can be cute sometimes.  Mine broke out into an impromptu performance of "Who Let The Dogs Out" the other day, and I have no idea where they learned this song! Don't blame me.

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