Varsity Pub

Velvet Rope Concert Series Featuring Lee Dewyze
MIX 106's Velvet Rope Concert Series featuring American Idol's Lee Dewyze packed Varsity Pub Sunday evening. Listeners enjoyed Lee's up close and personal live performance and got to meet him after the show!
Varsity Pub Happiest Happy Hour
MIX 106 was at the Varsity Pub for the Happiest Happy Hour in the entire Treasure Valley! Everyone had tons of fun with half price drinks and BINGO! Our $50 cash prize winner and our $50 bar tab winner got Bingo at the exact same time - too fun...
MIX 106 Velvet Rope Series with Lee Dewyze!
The MIX 106 Velvet Rope Series welcomes American Idol's Lee Dewyze to Varsity Pub!
You will be up close & personal as Lee Dewyze performs on the Varsity Pub stage! Get autographs, take video and photos!
You must have a ticket to get into this EXCLUSIVE MIX 106 show!
Varsity Pub Happiest Happy Hour
Mike Kasper and MIX 106 were at Varsity Pub on the corner of Fairview and Eagle for half price drinks and half price appetizers until eight o'clock! Mike played some BINGO with the crowd and gave away 50 dollars and a 50 dollar bar tab! Catch Mike at Varsity Pub every Thursday...