Rob Lowe’s Show on Boise Airs This Week
Boise makes a triumphant return to the small screen with Rob Lowe and his boys in The Lowe Files. Where did they go, and what did they find? Watch the episode this week on A&E.
I Need a New Netflix Series, Suggestions?
I can't believe I finally broke down and joined the masses.
I got suckered into starting a series on Netflix that I vowed never to watch.
The Walking Dead.
I said I would never watch it because I'm not into "zombies" and it just sounded ridiculous...
Old TVs Create Big Trash Problems. Boise Offers Help.
Flat screens are everywhere now, and while they look great at our favorite bars and restaurants and on the walls at home, they've created some serious issues for city trash collections.  The old boxy TV sets that have been replaced by flat screens can't just be junked, because th…
Lisa Kudrow Is Coming Back
We see a lot of Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox these days, mostly hanging out in Mexico on BFF vacations, but what about the third beloved friend?  I love them all.
Lisa Kudrow is coming back to TV in a show called The Comeback.  And if you think the name sounds familiar, here's why…

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