Boise’s Lost Dog Story Goes Viral
If your dog goes missing for nine months, would you give up hope?  One thing is sure -- one dog didn't give up, and returned home after nine months in the Idaho Mountains.
Trying To Manage My Time
So often, it seems that the clock - the next appointment - that list that seems always to grow instead of shrink - that's what drives my day and commands my attention.
Sometimes...stopping to take a moment - a breath - or have a conversation "I don't have time for" is exac…
This Sunday’s Time Change Will Mess Up The Family Life
Early Sunday morning marks the end of Daylight Savings Time, which means we should get an extra hour of sleep.  Cool!  In theory anyway.  If you have kids you might actually lose sleep.
The time change totally jacks up the home routine, for a few days anyway.

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