Meridian Purse Thieves Caught on Camera
Two women caught on camera are suspected in a car burglary and check fraud case.
Police said a woman's purse was stolen out of her car at Settlers Park in Meridian. Checks that had been inside her purse were later cashed at a Mountain West Bank in Coeur d'Alene...
Valuables Stolen from Lockers at Various Gyms around Boise
Police are currently pursuing multiple cases where credit cards, wallets, and cash were stolen from unlocked gym lockers at various gyms around Boise. The credit cards were used to purchase hundreds of dollars in gift cards.
Boise Police have received at least nine reports of similar thefts since the…
Protecting Yourself from Robbery
Idaho is known for having the lowest crime rate in the West, but we still have trouble with theft. With Dutch Bros. on Broadway getting robbed this past Thursday, I thought I would do some research on how to help protect yourself at work and at home from robbers.