The Bandit

Did You Catch The Mix 106 Bandit’s Facebook Live Press Conference?
Alright so this is just getting crazy. The Mix 106 Bandit seems to be having a little too much fun with all of us. He is full of nothing but lies, and jests and just mean jokes. I mean come on my socks are amazing. He did however come through as promised and held a Facebook Live Press Conference yes…
OH Heck Why Not Another Bonus Clue.
Today I've felt a bit more giving than normal. Let's be honest you wont catch what I'm putting down. So truthfully this is all for my amusement. Watching you squirm around at every clue makes me happy. Shall we do another BONUS CLUE?
Hey…So We’ll Talk Soon Right?
Hello my little Bandit Chasers.  It's been a long time.  I did some house flipping, did some political consulting, and now I'm back in Boise for a little money hiding!  You ready to play?
The Bandit Is BACK!
Yeah....we found out at the exact same time as you that The Bandit is BACK! The money that was planed to be yours this morning, $5,000 BUCKS is now gone. And if it's like years past it is going to be a game that only he will enjoy.

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