At Last, A List of Acronyms For Moms That Text
I'm one of those rebels that will type words out instead of abbreviating.
I figure I can carve out ten more seconds in my day to type out "running late, major meltdown," and spare my friends the pain of trying to decode what I meant by "RLMM."
This list of acro…
Texting and Walking is Dangerous!
If you've had a mishap with texting and walking, you're not alone.
I was texting and pushing a grocery cart once, and smacked into someone turning up the cereal aisle.  I got a dirty look! But no fine or citation.
Do you think we'll see a law against texting and walking soon?  I'll tell you what the e…
Do We Need a Relationship App?
Sometimes I wonder if we should stop inventing things.  Do we really need an app that will take the work out of relationships, and automatically send sweet texts to a sig other?