Ten Boise Restaurants That Have Been Featured on Food Shows
We can eat at the same restaurant every day for ten years and love it, but once it's been on TV, well then the food tastes even better and we suddenly hear symphonies in our heads when we take a bite.  Call it the Guy Fieri effect.
Here are ten Boise restaurants that we should totally …
What Have You Been Watching Lately?
It's my not my fault, I blame my friend.  He posted a birthday note on Facebook for one of the actors from one of my favorite shows, The A-Team.  That started me on a little binge.
Idaho Likes This Reality Show More Than Any Other
The choices are endless if you're into reality TV, and some states love some shows more than others. Montana's favorite is Hoarders, Duck Dynasty rules Arkansas, and Nevada likes Pawn Stars.  See if you agree with Idaho's top choice.
What is the Best Invention Ever From Idaho?
Almost every state in this country was the birthplace of an invention it should be really proud of.  Except maybe Mississippi. Their highlight is anti fungal foot cream
Here are some highlights and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with mine and Kate's  home states of…
Marriage Boot Camp Features a Leg Toss
The show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, will put couples in the Shocktagon on Friday's episode, so they can role play, see each other's perspective, and get zapped with lots of little zings of electricity.
Former star of the Real Housewives of New York, Aviva Dresher, drew attention when she hurl…