Get Your Food and Packages Delivered by a Robot?!
We are steps closer to the world being taken over by robots. Hey, it could happen!
Officials with Starship Technologies, the same people who co-founded Skype, met with Idaho lawmakers to discuss House Bill 204, which will regulate personal delivery devices...
Do You Experience Concerts Like This?
If you win that trip to see Coldplay in Seattle, is this how you're going to view the show?  You won't be alone.  The small screen is so darned addictive, even with live music right in front of you.
Nampa’s Columbia High School Issues Laptops to Students
This week, about 2,000 Dell laptops will be issued to Nampa’s Columbia High School students. The computers will be able to be used both in class and at home.
The district's plan is to equip all students and teachers with the electronic tools they need to support personalized lear…

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