Boise Hosts the Treasure Valley Tattoo Convention This Weekend
This is no yawner of a convention. Tattoo artists from New York to Boise will be showing off their skills this weekend, celebrating the art of the tat.  And they'll have skating demonstrations and mural paintings, plus activities for the kids.  Make sure you tell them these are not th…
I Got My Tattoo Live On The AIR
This was an incredible day. I have to be honest though the nerves almost got to me this morning before the needle started. Once it was going though it was game time.
I’m Getting A Tattoo Live On The Air
It's all come down to this! Wednesday Morning at 7 A.M. John from Talon Tattoo in Boise is coming in to give me my first tattoo. I am beyond excited, but I'm needing your help.
Would You Get This Tattoo
A tattoo artist in New York set up at an art gallery and permanently inked people. The catch was that there was a wall between him and the person. They had no idea what type of tattoo they were getting!
Is It Fair To Be Fired For A Tattoo?
A barista at a Starbucks in Michigan is being told that she has 30 days to begin the removal process on a tattoo on her hand, or her job with the company will be over.  The heart tattoo, that's about the size of a quarter, has been on her hand the entire time she's been employed at th…