Stephanie Kay

Twist Recipe On Pumpkin Pie
I love Pumpkin Pie but I have a few friends that just hate pie. So for you Pumpkin lovers out there that want something different than pie this Thanksgiving here's a recipe for Pumpkin Cake.
Holiday Recipes
Last week I started sharing some of my family recipes. This weekend I have two & the first one is the most important part of Thanksgiving (if you eat meat), the Turkey!
There Is A Postive Side To Snow
One major up side for me is watching my niece's & nephew play in the snow. But probably the funniest is watching my dog play in the snow. So like Kate on Friday to lighten your day I've decided to share.
Gross Or Awesome?
One wedding took a GoPro came to a new level,  on a bottle of Fireball. Is this just an awesome wedding? Or gross? Watch it & decide for yourself.
Phillip Phillips In Boise!
Phillip Phillips stopped by Tom Grainey's before his show at Taco Bell Arena. And I got to meet him! Oh and of course many of our lucky winners did as well.
Friends Is Back!
It's finally happening! Friends will be on Netflix! I own the first eight seasons but need the rest so this will fill the void.

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