Stephanie Kay

2014’s 10 Most Viewed Music Videos
Thank you Vevo for making this list for me! And I'm not going to tell you which videos, but one I've never watched & another I stopped half way through. Can you guess which videos those are?
These Kids Are On The Nice List Forever
I've seen a ton of videos lately of parents playing jokes on their kids that they've eaten their candy. Or gave them a Christmas present early & its a terrible present. But I think you could possibly give these kids anything & they won't turn into monsters on you.
My Strike Is Over
Well it wasn't really a strike but whatever. I have not had a Facebook Page for two and a half years until now..
I Found My Ugly Sweater!
It's that time of year again! And even yesterday Friday Dec 12th, was National Ugly Sweater Day. So naturally I had to go get one for myself.
To Shop Or Not
I've recently came under a debate with myself. Yes myself. On whether or not to buy Christmas presents for my friends.
Black Friday Madness
Back when I worked at the Mall I myself had two encounters with crazy Black Friday Shoppers. The first was a fight that broke out over a men's button down (seriously), that was quickly broken up because one of the ladies realized there was another one on a different shelf.

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