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Another Threat via Social Media at a Meridian School
With the most recent school threat out of Nampa, you would think kids would learn that they will ALWAYS get caught and it will not be considered a prank.
School district officials say police have "identified and apprehended" the person responsible for an online threat at Heritage Mi…
Facebook Fights: How Did It Go From Starbucks To This? [VIDEO]
Every week The New Mix Morning Show with Mike & Nicole go LIVE to Facebook with our interpretation of the cattiness and sheer craziness that people post on social media. This week's edition is a juicy one. How it started with a conversation about Starbucks Coffee and turned so quickly to this, m…
Do You Experience Concerts Like This?
If you win that trip to see Coldplay in Seattle, is this how you're going to view the show?  You won't be alone.  The small screen is so darned addictive, even with live music right in front of you.
Acceptable Reasons To Unfollow Someone On Social Media
I think we've all done it. Unfriended or stopped following a person or page on social media because they...well...just bug you for whatever reason.
I do a social media friends purge at least 2-3 times a year. It feels good and sometimes you just have to get the negative people out of your feed..…
Social Media Pictures That Show Our Not So Perfect Lives
Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. What a crazy, unrealistic snapshot into other people's lives. Just a moment in time when the kids are cute, the house is spotless, and photos of me are at the acceptable angle!
Social media is the highlight reel of some people's lives, where everythin…

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