This is Why I Deserve the Gold Medal!
It's no secret that I love the winter Olympics. I have already created my playlist for when I drop into the halfpipe and now I am practicing my speech for when I win gold. And I should win gold for certain aspects of my life!
The Amazing Story Behind Idaho’s Newest Gold Medal Winner
Becoming a world class Olympic athlete is not cheap. In fact, it is very, very, expensive.   The Farrington Family of Bellevue Idaho, home to Idaho's newest Gold Medal winner, knows this firsthand.  They had to figure out a way to help their daughter pay for her Olympic dream.  This is one thing tha…
Catch The Olympic Fever!
Oooh, I am so excited! The 2014 Winter Olympics are here! I love the winter games way more than the summer games. The skiing and snowboarding competitions are insane! I just can't get enough! If you need a little help catching the fever, I can help!