Mike and Nicole’s OPP: Money Money Money
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I lent one of my sisters some money several months back. She hit hard times and asked for help. She said as soon as she got back on her feet she'd pay me back. It's 7 months later and I haven't seen a penny of the $2,600 I lent her...
Mike & Nicole’s OPP: Social Media Fail
Dear Mike and Nicole,
My sister and I are extremely close. We are only 14 months apart, so we have been like twins most of our lives. We've shared clothes, secrets, and for a brief moment in time in college, we dated the same guy (at different times)...
This Is For My Sister, Kellee
I love my sister, Kellee, to the moon and back. She's my best friend and my most favorite person, even when I want to strangle her. When I saw this video of two sisters, 96 and 101 years old, fighting, I had to post it and dedicate it to my soulmate sister.
Silly Sibling Fights
I have two siblings; Kellee my older sister and Ryan my younger brother. If there was a medal awarded for silliest sibling fights, Kellee and I would be crowned the world champions!
I have this theory that you fight the worst with those you love the most...